The Three Little Pigs

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A first draft of a children's story for my little girl. One take, one win.

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the three little pigs. Once upon a time, there were three little pigs who lived with their mother. One day their mother told them that they were old enough to go out into the world and make a living for themselves. She said, Watch out for the big bad wolf because he will eat you. She also told them, Build your house is nice and strong. Such will be safe from the wolf. Goodbye, my sons. And good luck. The first little pig saw a man stacking straw. The first little pig asked the man, May I have some straws that I could build a house? The man agreed on the first little pig built his house very quickly. It wasn't a very strong house. One day there's a big bad wolf that came around and knocked on the first little piggies door. Who is it? Said little brother Piggy. Well, it is I, the big bad wolf. Let me into your house. I will Half on. I walked off on it will blow your house to the ground. Oh, no, you don't. Sad little brother. Picky. You're not getting in here. Not by the hairs of my chin chin chin Okay? Very well. He took in some air and he blew in The straw house fell to the ground And little brother piggy he squealed, squealed squealed all the way to middle brother Pinky's house Metal Better Piggy made his house out of sticks a little better Piggy came knocking Middle better piggy Middle better Piggy Let me in Let me in The big bad wolf is after me Middle brother Piggy let Little Brother Piggy And on a few moments later there's another knock on the door Who is it? Said Middle Brother Piggy. Well, it is I the big bad wolf Let me in rubble half and I will puff and it will blow your house to the ground Oh no, you don't said little Brother Piggy. You're not getting in here. Not by the hairs on my chin chin chin Very well said the wolf took a step back He took in some air and he blew When he huffed Any puffed again When he blew the stick house to the ground and middle Better piggy and little better piggy They both squealed, squealed, squealed all the way to older, Better piggies house order Better piggy order Better! Piggy, Let us in! Let us in. The big bad wolf is at it again. Order! Better Piggy said. Oh no, you don't. You guys should have listened to Mom. You guys built your houses Too weak and too quick. You guys wanna go play outside? I hope you learned something. The big bad wolf was right behind them. Hurry! Come inside. Just a few moments later, there's a knock at the door. Who is it? Well, it is I, the big bad wolf. Let me into the house where I will half they will pay off and I will blow the house to the ground. Oh, no, you don't. You're not getting in here. Not by the hairs of our Cheney. Chin Chin said older Brother Piggy. Very well, said the wolf. As he took a step back, the wolf took in some air on He huffed when he puffed on You have to again. Oh, wow. Oh, but the brick house was too strong. The wolf had an idea. The wolf left, and a few months later, older brother Piggy saw the wolf running through the forest running through the forest with the latter older brother But he knew what he was going to dio for. He had a chimney on his house. Order Better Piggy already had a fire going. So we quickly filled the cauldron full of water and heated it up. He waited for the big bad wolf to come down the chimney, and soon enough, the big bad wolf fell into the boiling water. An older, better piggy put a lid on it. And the three little piggies had wolf soup and lived happily ever after the end.