Cartoon Demo



The Christmas episode of "Kytoons." Casting decided to characterize my voice to create a persona parodying myself. It was a great project to let loose and have fun with.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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well, punky. The world is a different place than it used to be. Kids getting fat, old people getting diabetes and the middle age folks screwing up the economy. What do you want for Christmas boat? You want to know what I want? I want peace on Earth. I want goodwill towards men. But you can't have everything you want now, can you? Punk it. Well, those air great things toe want, though I know I got a heart of gold. Get this yellowish hue when it medicines in the sunlight. And I know how it looks when the sun bounces off it. Because Edward freakin ripped it out of my chest when he left in the middle of New Moon. We may not have peace on Earth goodwill towards men, but I'll tell you one thing we do have we have an untapped power source that can solve all of the world's problems. And it's right underneath the North Pole. Do you know what? Uh I know Punky Claus. Santa What they have to do with anything. Everyone knows he's just a source of unlimited power. Do even know who Santa Claus is. Not the roller polar budget. Prince of peace that everybody thinks he is. He's a shiftless, no good thug. You want to know how he rose to power thousands of years ago? There was a settlement of Vikings who got last in the North Atlantic. Only one survived. And you know who that waas It was ST Nicolas. You're pulling my leg? I'm telling you, he's a predator that for better knows that if you kill Santa, you obtain his power like a Highlander. Old on what kind of powers are you talking about here? Well, when the Viking ship ran into the glacier, ST Nicholas hold himself from the wreckage and he did a great of the North's. Now, now now kill him right on the spot. Thus obtaining is a mystical winter powers. Ever since that day, he's dedicated his life to spreading joy among Children. Fog of everybody towards. No one more. First, my murder ho can't fool me, boy. But tonight we're stealing that power back. And you know what? We're gonna do that power, punky. See them when they're sleeping. And no one there awake. What? That's the economy will be any more fat kids. Peace on earth and goodwill toward men. Whether those men like it are not well. Bo, you really do have a heart of gold. Sure do, Punky. Sure do. Now, you poor this arsenic in the milk and I'll take the rat poison into the cookies. God bless us, everyone. Oh!