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My name is Bo Stevenson. Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers celebrates the great American menu. Freddie's Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, sizzling strips of steak along with grilled onions and peppers, smothered in American cheese and served in a fresh hoagie roll. An American great Onley at Freddy's. As a real estate agent, you're constantly networking, helping buyers find homes and helping sellers find buyers. They're always on the lookout to put people together. After all, that's how you make your living. And the more people you can connect, the more money you could make. Normally, you do a lot of this through the MLS. He searched for homes to show buyers and post listings to try to attract showings. But while the MLS is efficient, there is a lot that it doesn't do. So you also use other ways to help you Network. You may connect with other agents at trade shows in events or send out emails and postcards. You may collaborated sales meetings with other agents in your office. However, all these air often difficult, expensive four time consuming and horribly inefficient. If you could only just press a button and instantly be connected to other agents that have similar needs. Then you could cut down on the time, cost and energy you spend trying to help your clients. That is exactly what we've done with Buyer Pond. America's service members and veterans Air Strong forge dead of bravery, sacrifice duty They are diverse, unique from all corners of the country. And, thanks to their common experience, a family for life. Hi, this is a Boy Scout, and this is his scout leader, the Scout leaders about to teach him the most important lesson of his life. It's a lesson that all boy Scouts learn, but unfortunately, it's also one that most of us forget as we get older. Never heard master, but we have blood with friends. Wine with German bear with Russian vodka with, of course, master. Your cleverness. Your brain nous Yes, master. My bloodless. Yes, master. Of course. Your teeth. Lis. Yes, Master. Your vitamin iss. My name is Bo Stevenson. Talk I I and freaking out. Did you Did you know that as I am speaking to you right now, literally tens of thousands of a carrion's are crawling all over your body and mine. Trump's everywhere. Meteorites are falling. Clowns. I spying on me. I mean, how am I supposed to feel safe? This is Jerry. Jerry is the lead developer of his company. Jerry and his team have one goal in mind. Building awesome products and scaling their business. Problem is, as his company grows, he spends less time coding and more time dealing with surfer issues. Those 3 a.m. problems air starting to take a toll on him. Luckily, there's VM Farms, as the story goes. One evening, an elderly man was talking with his grandson about the nature of life and how he could become the person he wants to be. He said, Son, it's like there's a battle inside of us between two wolves. One has the power to destroy us. The other has the power to protect us and all that we love. The grandson thought about it for a moment and then asked Grandpa, which Wolf winds? The grandfather simply replied, It depends on which one you choose to feed. My name is Bo Stevenson. When you wake up in the morning, what wakes you up? Do you have one of those old fashioned alarms that go like the buzzer on an old fashioned game? show step into the 21st century. Why don't you just pull your iPhone out of your pocket and download an innovative new application that will revolutionize the way you wake up in the morning with our application? You'll wake up to beautiful sounds of singing voices, funny jokes from hilarious comedians or even wonderful sounds of nature. So instead of that old fashioned alarm, wake up to this instead.