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So my boyfriend does freak out easily, and I'm used him getting angry and games when we lose. Sometimes he apologizes mostly only when I start crying, sometimes he doesn't. But a few days ago I got really, really bad. I'm noodle legal agents. I actually started to learn the game to make him happy, even though I do like playing it now. But that means I'm not very good. Yet. Where is he has been playing for years. Well, so I was support and he was toppling, so I thought I would be fine since we were in separate lanes. But no, he had a bad game. He died two times early on in the game and started screaming at me, asking me why I didn't go jungle, he said. But you can't even do that, apparently because you're worthless. I didn't say anything. I figured I would just let on marriage. He kept telling me how much he hated me. Then he said to his whole team, That includes me, I guess doesn't deserve to breathe and deserves to go to ****. I tried saying something. He told me to shut up, so it went on and on and then Then he said something that still haunts me. He said, If you hang off a cliff, I would literally let you fall. I would honestly rather watch you die. When the game ended, he said that he hopes the whole team dies within the next year. He said that would make him so happy. I left the discord call. After that, he forced me back into it. I was crying. He kept flame you, me for a while. Then suddenly he said, Look, you're fine. I love you. I honestly don't remember if he said sorry or anything, but he was nice, Poor wall. But after one hour something, he started calling me retarded again. He kept basically screaming that. Then he repeatedly asked me, Are you a retard? Are you Answer me. I felt like he wanted me to say yes. So I said yes. Then he said, Well, I'm not playing with retards Soap, you are one. Get out. He died in the game later, and I couldn't tell him quickly enough. He then proceeds the block me and a friend me everywhere he did on blocking the next day, though, so he has done that before insulting me and games. Most of the time it's on Lee calling me worthless garbage and stupid, though, but it was never that bad. He always says, Babe, it's only in the game and if I take it serious, I'm being too sensitive. I do know he flames his best friends to Britain. Never heard I'm freaking out that badly and are being too sensitive or two dramatic here. I do understand that he gets angry when we lose and I can handle that. But he just says Really hurtful things he wants promised me to not do that again, but the next day that promises long for gotten.