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We're a nation of consumers and there's nothing wrong with that. After all, there's a lot of cool stuff out there. Trouble is, there's so much cool stuff. It's easy to get a little carried away. But what if a credit card company recognized that? What if, instead of always urging us to spend MAWR, they actually helped us spend smarter. We could have less dead and more fun. Discover card. This material world just got a whole lot brighter. When you look into a Ford, you'll find innovation, attention to details and exceptional value, qualities that have made the Ford F series America's best selling truck for 19 straight years. This kind of success. The next thing you see when you look into a Ford pickup might just be yourself. Everything your cat does in one day can benefit from one food Purina. One Smart land. It's purposeful nutrition that helps support your cats. Whole body health with 100% nutrition, zero fillers and real meat rich in protein. One food is all the nutrition your cat needs were not fireman who risk it all. We're not E. M T's who's seen it all in a police Faysal What we do is prepare for it all way. Do our job so they can go out and do. There's three out of four first responders use for rice because when it really matters, network has to work. Put your phone away. What? I'm talking. I'm banking. Jerry were sitting in the third row. You're distracting blue nails up, honey with chase. Quick deposit. Just take a picture of the front back of the check and you're done. See? All finished. Oh, but it's not over until okay, over.