Street Urban Video Game Character Deep Voice



Street Urban Video Game Character Deep Voice

Vocal Characteristics




North American (General)


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Yeah. **** off take a hike. Sure. Why not? No. **** off. What the ****, Dylan idiot. Really? 10 bucks. Delete that crap before I put a bullet in your skull. Give Me one Reason. I don't shoot you right now. Oh did you know I ordered a burger from Larry's burger set. Okay. Give me your money. You know that weird guy? Richard raps on sound box? You know that weird guy with your raps on sound? Pop some sound box, wow. You're a dumb stupid fat idiot. Larry. Oh okay. Well you know where yet? Oh okay. Oh okay. Oh okay. Well you know where he at? I got your stupid car now. Where's Richard? I'm gonna follow a copyright claim. Your time has come. It should and die. Oh. Oh. Oh. Ah What? Yeah. Yeah. Ma whoa. Oh you, huh? Oh ship. ****. ****. What the fudge. What the ****? What the ****? I'll take that whole register boss man. Hey this is a robbery. **** you give me all your ******* cheese. Yeah ************'s