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Narrating a member's insurance benefits. The final video was uploaded to YouTube and used by the client.

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Welcome to Davis Vision. Here you have a benefit summary of the in network coverage for your Davis Vision. Premier plan. Here's information about how often you can use your benefits as well as various copay amounts. If applicable, eyeglasses are covered by a one year breakage warranty. Here you have a continuation of the benefits summary. This section provides an overview of contact lens benefit information, additional benefits your plan provides as well as out of network reimbursement amounts. Please refer to the footnotes included on this slide to clarify any of the benefits within the summary that include a footnote number. As we continue, our efforts to develop an in network option in the Hobbs New Mexico area will continue to make it as easy as possible for New Mexico Retiree health care authority members to receive care at the best value possible. Impacted members who can't or prefer not to travel to an in network eyecare professional can take advantage of enhanced out of network allowances as outlined in the table shown here. As outlined in the in network benefits summary, you have an option to choose frames that are fully covered from the Davis Vision Exclusive collection of frames in lieu of a frame allowance. In fact, more than half of our members choose from the exclusive collection when they can. They are available at nearly 9000 independent eyecare professional offices nationwide. Yes, fully covered frames are available within this collection. And remember, there's a one year warranty on broken eyewear, frames or lenses. There are three categories of frames available within the exclusive collection of frames, including fashion designer and premier. There are frames available that include functional and classical designs for all styles and ages. Here, you can see some of the well known brands included in the exclusive collection. This collection is available at most participating independent eyecare professional offices. However, it is subject to change. It is inclusive of select to oryx and multi focals. Here are some additional details regarding member coverage for contact lenses. This benefit is included two members in lieu of eyeglasses. Please refer to your benefit summary for details on contact lens evaluations as well as materials coverage. Plans allow for freedom of choice from a wide variety of contact lens brands. Please refer to the list on this slide as to what contact lens brands are included. We like to make things as easy and seamless as possible for our members, especially when it comes to accessing your member account and information online. Our website acts as a great resource regarding your plan and coverage and gives you quick access to your vision benefits Information. Member account information is shared by all covered family dependants. Your member account includes useful tools allowing you to access your member ID card. Find in network eyecare professionals and view your list of benefits in order to create your member account. Follow the instructions outlined here. Questions. There are many methods available for you to reach out. Should you have any questions, you can visit US Online at Davis vision dot com slash member and user Client code 7587 Here you will have access to your benefit summary and eye care Professional Locator brief educational videos, A frame try on tool and you'll even be able to explore the exclusive collection of frames. You can also call 1 809 995431 using your client code 7587 for live US based support, the hours for support are displayed here. There's also an automated service available 24 7. Davis Vision also provides an incredibly useful mobile app available for download on both iPhone, the APP store and Android devices in Google play. Once downloaded, you can sign in using your existing account or create one right within the APP. Once you're signed in, you'll be able to view your member ID card view Benefit information. Locate in network eye care professionals submitted out of network claim and more. Here are more specific benefits included with your plan regarding eyewear, but please note actual costs and benefits may vary with plan design members can receive fully covered frames. With this plan of up to $135 in value from the exclusive collection of frames, members can receive a $100 allowance towards an eye care professional supplied frame. However, if shopping at Vision works, members can receive a larger frame allowance of $150. Members can also buy eyewear online from glasses dot com, vision works dot com and 1 800 contacts dot com. We strive at providing members with the pleasant online experience as well as a wide product selection to choose from whether shopping for eyewear online through any of the following online retailers glasses dot com is one of the most trusted online stores for popular eyewear brands, including prescription glasses and sunglasses, offering a broad price range wide product selection, including luxury brands. Lens options for every need, free shipping and returns. Customer service available through phone, email and chat and free in network adjustments after purchase. 1 800 Contacts is a widely recognized contact lens retailer in the industry that has an established reputation for their customer service. They have an extensive inventory over 100,000 S K. U S multiple distribution centers across the country to get your orders to you sooner. Ease of ordering just two clicks for reorders, a mobile app and prescription upload service as well as 24 7. Customer service, not to mention 90% of calls, will be answered in 10 seconds or less. At Vision works, members always receive 50% off a second pair of glasses, or 30% elsewhere in network. Within the same transaction, Davis Vision offers fixed pricing on lenses, so members pay the same regardless of where they go in network. Davis Vision contacts dot com is a convenient way to order a second pair of contacts or replacement after the benefit has been used. Please note that this is an out of network service. Davis Vision also offers a one year breakage warranty for in network eyeglasses. We take pride in providing members with quality vision care choices that fit their lifestyle needs. Laser vision Correction. LASIK is a procedure that can reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses or contact lenses. This corrective services available to you and you're eligible dependents at a special discount with your Davis vision plan. Additionally, your hearing network is dedicated to providing clients and families with quality, affordable hearing care. Through Davis Vision, you have access to a network of licensed hearing professionals in all 50 states with 40% off national average selling prices of hearing aid equipment. Your hearing network offers access to major brands and styles of hearing aids. Backed by a four year manufacturer, warranty, four year battery supply, one year free follow up care and a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Visit Davis vision dot com for more information