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I have been working on different projects like audiobooks, podcasting, business pitch deck and Voice assistant since past 3 years. The sample I have provided here is paragraph from \"The Intelligent Investor\". This was the latest project that I was working on to provide audio samples.

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This quotation will illustrate the confusion that has been dominant for many years in the use of words investment and speculations think of a sadistic definition of investment given above, and compare it with the sale of few share of stock by an inexperienced member of the public who does not even own what he's selling. And some largely emotional conviction that he will be able to buy them back at much lower prices. It is not irrelevant to point out that when the 1962 article appeared, the market had already experienced a decline of major sites and was now getting ready for an even greater upswing. It was about as poor a time as possible for selling short. In a more general sense, the later used phrase reckless investors could be regarded as a laughable contradiction in terms something like Spendthrift misers were this misuse of language not so mysterious. The newspaper employed the word investor in this instance, because in the easy language of Wall Street, everyone who buys or sells the security has become an investor regardless of what he buys or for what purpose or at what price, or whether for cash or on margin compared this with the attitude of the public towards common stocks. In 1948, when over 90% of those queried expressed themselves as opposed to the purchase of common stocks.