Merchant of venice scene 8 act 2

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the famous play by shakespeare = \" MERCHANT OF VENICE \" ACT 2 SCENE 8

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Merchant of Venus Acto Sinead Venus A street anti salary? No. And selenium salary. Why, man, I saw beside you into sale with him. Is Christiano gone along on in their ship? I'm sure Lorenzo is not Salon in the will endure with outcries raised. The duke who went with him to research assign his ship salary. No, he came to await The ship was on the sale. But there the Duke was given to understand that in a controller were seen together Lauren's Oh, and his amorous Jessica besides and toil gun Side 30. Father Duke. They were not with Pasanen, his ship. Solano. I've never heard of passion. So confused, so strange. Outrageous. On fell Very able as the dog Jew did utter in the streets. My daughter. Oh, my dockets! Oh, my daughter fled with the Christian. Oh, my Christian Ducketts Justice! The law! My duke! It's on my daughter. Ah, Field bag to sealed bags of duke. It's off! Double duke. It stolen from me by my daughter On June's two stones to rich and precious stones stolen by my daughter. Justice. Find the girl. She hath the stones upon her in the duke. It Sal arena. Why old poison Venus Follow him crying his stones, his daughter on his dockets salon iam blood good and Tona. Look, he keep his day or he shall pay for this salary. No May Well remembered A reasoned with a Frenchman yesterday Who told me the nurses that by the French and English they're miscarried of vessel off a country richly fraught. I thought upon his donor when he told me in the first in silence, but it were not hiss.