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It doesn't matter what type of art we're talking about. An artist needs to fill the artist. It's being creative. If it's a sculpture, sculptor has to touch it. The painter has to see what he's painting, while the musician needs to listen to the melody as it comes to life. However, when you create a nap, there's a huge gap between the way we work on the results we obtain. In fact, when we create an app, some of us think about design. Others think about code, while others think about the purest of abstractions. What really happens in the digital world when we create an app is that feeling of what is being created has lost its work to be performed somewhere between the world of ideas in the world of bits and bytes as an app is a very concrete piece of work, something that interacts with our senses, sight, touch and sound. We have to ask ourselves what would happen if we could fill our application as we create it. What if we could see it as we build it in real time? Why can't we get a sense of the apus? We develop it way an artist creates a masterpiece. So we asked ourselves, Why not Way created live editing for Gen. X is to feel the app as it's being created to mold the APA's an artist, Would you? The nexus with live editing allows you to achieve levels of interaction, which were previously impossible to attain. Now you can build your app with a nexus and watch. The change has come to life in real time with live editing For Ji Nexus, you can now create stunning apse with an incredible user experience incrementally agile way just like a true artist. A masterpiece of balls, as it happens in real time Gee nexus with live editing, Dream like a kid, work like an artist, create like a pro.