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This is Ron Allen, UN team. Morning shows in Columbus. You pick this one and it has driven you almost insanity. J t and company. Does it turn you on? They give you the 411 Get up in your business. Up in your grill as you're tooling down to 70 in your big body. Catie, does that make any sense? Not at all. But really? Doesn't matter. It's J T and company on 97.1 J. T and Company. I know what I do good and I stick with his money. I have more coffee mugs than anybody in this world. These fat Tiia did something stupid yesterday. He's off the hook. I am addicted, man. I'm addicted. I'm addicted. I'm addicted. Piece rolling. I know guys have gone to jail for less than that. This is J T and Company on 97.1