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A combination of commercial, industrial and broadcast work.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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you know, we have a way of doing things, you know, way that needs fresh ingredients and lots of, um, way make everything the you know on this episode of Restore America will learn how a family had to swing into the past to restore a porch in Buffalo, New York All this and more on this episode of Restore America. The African Wildlife Foundation wants you to know it's a simple fact. To get the ivory tusks of an elephant, the elephant must die Americans by 1/3 of the world's ivory jewellery. Americans can help stop the slaughter. Call 1 803 44 Tusk Today only elephants should wear ivory, and I heard on the radio that there's new Crown master card that earns free gas or other rewards every time you use it. What do you do? Another piece of plastic Dan to the wanna carry around and never use like this one, Transylvanian expressed. We suck the life out of you, but I admit this new Crown MasterCard is different. It's holiday time, the time of deadlines and demanding customers the time to call the United States Postal Service. We've been on over 100 extra planes and trucks, acres of warehouse space and our personnel are ready to handle the holiday crunch. Now there's a place that has famous brands of furniture you want for your home. Great names like Henry Don Baker, Nautica, Hickory Chair, Simmons, Seeley and more at great prices. Just drive to prime outlets in San Marcus and visit the home company, introducing new soothing care chafing relief from the makers of Monastery. It's the first powder jail to prevent and relieve chafing caused by moisture and movement. New soothing care from the makers of Modest at.