Bill Russell Animation Demo 2023



Upbeat, High energy, mature, elderly, sexy, melodic, Badass, gravely, childlike, Theatrical, Shakespearean

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) North American (General) Scottish (General)


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How do you come up with good ideas every time? Mr franklin. Oh I don't to come up with a good idea. You just had to come up with lots of ideas which might include some bad ideas. I've lost a lot of money here, take this sacred amulet to guide your quest. Well I had to give him something. We can't have minions like him spreading fear and panic to the masses. That's our job. I sent you to do one thing, retrieved the dam and you return to me empty handed. Give me another shot. Boss. I should have never sent down ground beef to do a full stakes job Riggins, thugs. Catherine's not a hint of honor to be seen. Skirmishes south by southwest, another advancing upstream. What are these Raiders about? Commands them fail with and awoke. Heaver look brightness when the fight is too much to handle. Our heroes call on the secret weapon in the clear. I'm so glad it's the weekend so I can launch my favorite educational wildlife documentaries. I love wildlife. This wildlife is extinct though. I love extinction. Rosco 10. The cruel help me. I hate space coup. Let me go extinct. You mean extinguish. So what do you win for? I shot your parole officer. Know a movie in this context. Shot means filmed. I filmed a lot of people too