This demo is in English and is regarding closure in relationships.

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This demo is read from a book authored by Jay Shetty.

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Giving yourself closure and relationships and love, either in voice notes or in writing, describe the pain your partner caused you include everything you like to say to them about how they treated you and how it made you feel. The way they spoke to you, the way they treated you questions, accusations, traumatic events, painful memories. Now look at this list as an inventory of all the reasons. It was good that you broke up. If you've been dwelling on the best memories, you're not acknowledging the reality of the relationship. So write every challenge, every mistake. Everything that person said that hit you wrong. Is there anything that your mind is avoiding? Let yourself feel every emotion you can't heal until you feel walking away from something doesn't reduce it. If you don't give an emotion, the attention it deserves. It amplifies. In order to truly recognize these emotions, you must articulate them, look for patterns and explain them to yourself.