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Bob's recent CD "Down Around The river -- The Poems of James Whitcomb Riley" is selling nationally and has been heard on National Public Radio among other outlets. This nostalgic selection is very popular.

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it wasn't a pleasant Oh brother of mine was old days of the lost sunshine when the Saturdays chores with Rooth, Sundays would in the kitchen and we Went Me and you out to only mirrors. It all comes back so clean today. Abbas Bold. You are great out of the bond, not down the vein. We pattern along in the dust again. His latest tips and drops of rain out Mary's way cross the past through the wood where the old gray snagged the pop First, where the hammerin redheads hopped a ride on the buzzard raised in the clearance guy been circled Mary's and then in the dust of the road again on the teams we met in the countrymen in the long highway with sunshine, spread is thick as butter on country bread cares behind on hearts ahead. Out Mary's. I see her now in the open door where the little Goard's grew up the sides and over the slab roof on her face. Me. Wasn't it good for a boy to see? And wasn't it good for a boy to be out to Mary's? Oh my brother so far away? This is to tell you she waits today to welcome us, and Mary fell asleep this morning, Whispering Tell the boys to go is well Mary's.