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Gruesome, horrifying, ghastly, creepy, hideous; call it what you like; Bob Bavnani has seen it all and lives to tell.

You have been warned.

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centuries ago, long before the witch hunts brought Antoinette not tease toe ashes, she cast a curse upon us. Baptiste Spirit Slave Army Group beneath our feet waiting to be set free Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Ah, fearful place at large. This haunted mental institution was the home to several deaths and murders. November 22nd 2014 Ghost team read Howl and Dalton Stout visit the asylum to gather evidence of life beyond the to arrive and notice an eerie feeling of death that lurks them There is a world where the Roman Empire never fell And there are many, many worlds where you were never born. What if you could visit these parallel worlds? What if you could meet your alternate self and you were a millionaire? A rock star, A murder? This is a story about a little town famous all over the district for Children dreaming nightmares. But just as their parents shut the door and leave, strange things start to happen in their old mysterious mind.