Russian accent of various regions of the former USSR

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Russian accent of various regions of the former USSR

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Eastern European (General) Russian Ukrainian


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I was born in South Ukraine. Three days are very short there and the winter is very long. All day I would draw pictures in my sketchbook. I would illustrate stories I heard on the radio. This is when I realized I was an artist. Yes, Mito Alfa uses you the high Peron's Use me. We're like puppets in it Yet there, Angel, we don't have any existence. Good. That one's dead. You won't cause trouble anymore. Awaiting orders. Comrade, You must have realized that it is impossible toe build on anything But on the land we have paved every field and marsh with gold. But you, instead of helping us off piled stones in our way on have made the country into our ****. Then we walked into this building. I just remembering looking up the whole day looking at how big everything Waas I never seen anything like it. No one knew what to do. We didn't know where to go. We were so afraid of men in uniforms that we rushed to do what either They told us we didn't have march and I don't think my mother brought anything for himself. Just one big with our courts and toys. It was everything to us