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This a few spots I've done over the years in radio.

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It's another great night of racing. This friday night at the red cedar speedway. Don't miss Sadler's meat market night grandstands open up at five o'clock with for the first time ever zombies have taken over Canal Street, join Sweeney's, Dewey's Burley's and weekend at Bernie's for a horrifying night, saturday october one more day, One more day. I can't wait until he rips this wrapping paper off. I'm gonna be his first instrument and like the other gifts under the tree, he's gonna be playing with me and only me for years to get. Oh hey. Yeah, it's the born loser on the bicycle again. Taylor's. Hey, watching them a bike in here. I bet I'd get more respect if I had a Yamaha only eight more miles to go. I'm gonna die of a heart attack in the middle of winter. The last thing you want is a dead furnace and old and winter to knock at your door. Hello, It's me. Cool enough. Better call earth heating and cooling is your carrier Factory authorized dealer presents country fest 2012, your music, your event with sara Evans and bell plus Easton corbin, billy Currington and Sugar land. See the band Perry Rodney Atkins and brad paisley kelly pick