Video Narration


A fun collection of international dialects from European to Russian - plus a New York cabbie - illustrate the global appeal of Lender's Bagels. Send me a script to hear your international character - or cartoon concept - brought to life.

For a sample of other voice options, please take a listen to my COMMERCIAL demo. Thanks!

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Vocal Characteristics




German Indian (General) North American (General) North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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you know New Yorkers aren't the only people who eat lender's bagels. You Osaka plenty. People like Linda Speckles. Lenders could crest the tables of all the kings in Ireland. Fresh, crisp, crunchy. The toast of Munich. The most favorite table back in all of Bombay is letters. Exhilarating taste in Moscow is out. Lenders on table breakfast would be a big disappointment. Left All right, bank. It makes no difference. Back first with lenders, said Magnifique when a model cook Oh, she had a Magdelin green, the meatballs. But we're always a hat lender's bagels. See what I mean? I learned what the rest of the world is known for years. Right Lender's bagels that I.