Radio Spot - Two roles

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ANNOUNCE and CHARACTER - read together for pacing. Great copy!

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Hello. I'm out in farm country to interview the famous farmer boys. They're not here. Who said that? Down here. An itty bitty talking rabbit. Excuse me. The time is money. H Money's the name. What's the H Stand for her Hunting of our pardon, honey. Honeybunny mom. Monitor guile. Anyhoo, the farmer boys on here. They've gone fishing. Oh, for their big fish and chips Platter? Yep. That time of year. Excuse my rude, but money carrot and no, actually, now that you mention it, you've got me thinking about that farmer boys hand battered whitefish, fried all golden brown for a crispy crunch. I like crunchy, but I'm a vegetarian or what? It's a word. Look it up A veggie. Oh, you'd love their fries and big fat onion rings, Fat ones and super salad. Oh, you had me at fat. Oh, that little red pickup. The farmer boys are back Quick. Act like a known what? What? They don't shoe off God and statuary. I'm not a bunny. I'm a human. They're not going to do that. Oh, yeah. You're a human chattin with a bunny. Some showing will occur. Oh,