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Various narration clips from The Way Of Zen, Great Expectations, Courage Dear Heart, The Day The Angels Fell, and Notes From The Underground.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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it is true that all things cannot wholly contain you. But does this mean that they contain part of you? And do they all contain the same part at the same time? It's all over now, I hope, and it will be magnanimous in you if you'll forgive me for having knocked you about. So I derived from this speech that Mr Herbert pocket for Herbert was the pale young gentleman's name. Still rather confounded his intention with his execution. Such a view of the genesis of Ma haryana buddhism is however, rather misleading. The vast body of Ma Haryana doctrine arose not so much to satisfy intellectual curiosity as to deal with the practical psychological problems encountered in following the buddha's way. I shall let it stand on purpose. Whenever people used to come to my office on some business, I snarled at them and felt as pleased as punch. When I succeeded in making one of them really unhappy. She told me about a line of locust trees that stood outside her bedroom on the first day That he heard her, she said her mind left her body to climb those branches so she could hide far off the earth so far, that she wouldn't feel anything at all. When he talks, it's like he's playing a chess match, not moving unless he can predict his opponent's next move. He doesn't say anything open ended anything that might lead the conversation in a way he cannot predict. It's a rather intriguing trait for such a young boy. This measured way of talking