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This demo was made using some scripts online to showcase my audiobook narration.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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To her surprise, Maria was beginning to grow attached to the wondrous new land she found herself in. She missed her herd back home. Of course, she also missed the sweet taste of bluegrass in the valley where she was raised. But she liked walking around and leaving her hoof prints in the freshly fallen snow. She liked gazing at the tall tower that rose up from beyond the castle walls and imagined what a magnificent view it offered out onto the kingdom grounds. But most of all, she liked her new friend. One day, she asked the white knight whether he might allow her to climb to the tower to see if she could spot her homeland in the distance. Well, Maria, the knight responded with slight hesitation. You see the staircase leading up to the tower is very narrow and I'm not sure that a four legged cow like yourself would be capable of making the trip up. Never say never proclaimed Maria as she instantly stood up on her hind legs and began marching towards the castle gates. The dark leafy tangle of branches caught Stella Luna as she fell, one twig grew small enough for Stella Luna's tiny feet, wrapping her wings around her. She clutched the thin branch, trembling with cold and fear. Mother Stella Luna squealed. Where are you by daybreak? The baby back could hold on no longer down down again. She dropped flump. Stella Luna landed headfirst in a soft downy nest. Startling the three baby birds who lived there. Stella Luna quickly clambered from the nest and hung out of sight below it. She listened to the babble of the three birds. What was that? Cried? Flap? I don't know, but it's hanging by its feet. Chirped flitter. Here comes Mama hissed. Pip many, many times that day. Mamba bird flew away. Always returning with food for her babies. Stella Luna was terribly hungry but not for the crawly things. Mamma bird brought finally though the little bat could bear it no longer. She climbed into the nest, closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Plop in, dropped a big green grasshopper.