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Some of the characters that I have created over the years.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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everybody asked me, they say Barbara, how do I get my voice to sound like this? And I said, listen, sweetie, it's real simple. Find a man have a couple of kids and have one of the kids punch you in the jugular. It's that simple today. We saw the most amazing thing and it may be the best day of my life, but we saw this thing in the window, which I was a break dancing class. Also it's Brazilian, but whenever they open the door it smells like feet like like really cookie c, you know what I'm saying? So this one time I asked my dad if we could get another cow for the farm and he said that I was counting on everybody. So there was no reason to get another one. There will be monsters in these woods, best to keep a watchful eye on a hop on your step if you wish to be leaving this forest, you've been warned. Oh yeah, you're listening to one on 1.5, the hottest station on the radio up next. We got a tasty track by the temptations. I hope you like it because here it is. Ain't too proud. Big bro. So like I was at this party last night and this girl was like bro, dude, I love that. Well actually it wasn't the girl was a guy and he was kind of hot. I was kind of confused, but you know, it was still whatever. And he was like, dude, I had sick and we totally vibing on each other. Oh my God. So my dad sat me down last night was like Becky, you can't play the tv, the stereo and the clarinet all at once, it's too much. And I was like, daddy never let me do anything I want. I hate you.