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How To Kill Your Family - Audiobook Sample

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How To Kill Your Family - Audiobook Sample
English spoken work, general British accent.

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Young Adult (18-35)




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limehouse prison is as you might imagine, horrible except maybe you can't imagine it. Not really. There are no game consoles and flat screen TVs as you've surely read about in the newspapers. There's no friendly communal vibe, no Sicily tribe. The atmosphere is usually frantic, hideously loud and it often feels as though a fight will break out at any moment from the beginning I've tried to keep my head down, I stay in my cell as much as possible in between meals that could optimistically described as occasionally digestible and attempt to avoid my roommate as she tiresomely likes to be called kelly is a woman who likes to chat On my first day here, 14 long months ago, she sat on my bunk, squeezed my knee with her horribly long fingernails and told me that she knew what I'd done and thought it was fantastic. Such praise was a pleasant surprise given that I expected an onslaught of violence as I approached the looming gates of this shabby place, the innocence of someone who only knows about prison from watching one fairly low budget tv drama from this initial introduction, kelly decided that I was her new best friend and worse, a trophy cell mate at breakfast, she will bustle up to me, linking arms and whispering to me as if we were in the middle of a confidential discussion. I've heard her talking to other prisoners, her voice dropping to a stage whisper as she intimates that I've confessed all the details of my crime to her. She wants to leverage and respect from the other girls and if anyone can provide her with it, the morton murderer can, it is immensely tiresome.