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Book Narration - Horror Story - Retail Sample for ACX

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A multi-story horror book, this demonstrates a sample of one of the stories. It was a mystery, scary story read as a male narrator.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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the mysterious figure knocked once and then stopped. We looked on in frozen terror, waiting helplessly to see what this monster would do next. There followed another long, intense moment before the figure slowly and calmly turned once again facing the pavement as he continued to slow march down the street dump, stop, dump. We listened, cautiously, feeling the tension slowly lift the further we went to my shame. I realized I wet myself and my urine had spread all over dad's jeans, but he said nothing about it. Instead he was ecstatic. One knock! He exclaimed after the figure had moved on. Only one bloody knock. Can you believe it? Thank God! Mom proclaimed emotionally. We've been spared more than that. Dad answered as he got up and reach for the light switch. We're in luck! Our numbers have come up, dammit! I should have played the bloody pools this week, he said, laughing as he spoke. Neither kevin nor I understood what he meant, but we felt the same relief as our parents. Clearly. As bad as it had been that night. It could have been much worse. We all slept in the same bed that night. Not that any of us got much rest. The next day we were inundated with visitors is just about every one of our neighbors came to check on us. I remember people bringing round endless cups of tea sandwiches and cakes more than we could ever eat. My parents laughed and joked with the neighbors. Men patted my dad on the back saying what a lucky beggar he was! It was the oddest thing, and it would be years before I understood what had happened. One week later, my mother discovered she was pregnant. My parents had been trying for a third child for two years. By this point, without any luck, they've been close to giving up before receiving that great news. And nine months later my little sister Christine was born. One knock one for luck. No one knows exactly who or what The big man is clearly. He is not human because he appears to be immortal and has supernatural powers, or at least the ability to predict the future. Many of our streets residents have expressed theories over the years. The big man has been called everything from an angel, a demon in a harbinger personally, I don't know what he is, but I consider what he does is something akin to a public servant. For better or for worse, he informs us of our destiny.