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An excerpt from Tales of the Peacemaker: The First Peacemaker by Ahsley-Lynn Hall.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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I am mirth an I have olive tone skin, bright blue eyes, and long black hair. I am the only child of King Merkel and queen mary mur. I am therefore the heir to the nation. I learned things I suppose most Children learn about and some things I am sure most do not know. Things I learn are the more language, the magic, common language, swimming with my tail and walking with my legs. Other things I learned about our sea animals such as fish and sharks, and sea plants such as coral and seaweed. I learned how to use my magic to communicate with the other murders and sea life. I learned to spell right, read math, science and more history. Then I have lessons on etiquette ruling. A nation contracts alliances and getting the sea life to obey me as needed. That was stressed as an only as needed in bad situations. Father used his commanding tone on that, so I would not dare to disobey. I learned about our laws and why they were put into place. I also learned the boundaries of the nation and how to tell if I get near our boundaries, no one remembers what is past them. Besides, lots of water, if anyone ever knew. I wonder about that. But I'm careful not to ask too many questions concerning it as it makes people annoyed when they do not know what you want to know. It makes them feel stupid. At least someone told me such. I guess it makes sense. I do not enjoy feeling stupid. Our laws are set up to protect us most. you do not need to know. I will tell you magic common laws and what I know about them. One law is. All promises must be kept. This is to make sure the magic nations can be trusted. Second Law is bowing is freely giving up freedom only if you do so willingly does that happen? It prevents forced slavery. Third one is first kiss between a couple when both freely give it is their marriage. I guess that is to make us choose carefully who we allow. So close to us anyways enough on that. Most find laws boring. I sure do knowing them and following them are good, but learning them is bland.