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My land is a research driven company dedicated to excellence. As we continue our evolution into a fully integrated pharmaceutical company. We have targeted compounds to meet unmet needs. We are aggressively developing products that will effectively treat serious disorders and diseases that are not addressed by pharmaceuticals presently on the market. My wife and my sister were swimming Diana and Helen and I saw their uncovered heads black and gold in the dark water. I saw them come out and I saw that they were naked, gun shy, beautiful and full of grace. Although pathologic concepts regarding squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma have remained relatively stable during the past 10 years. Those regarding the class of neuro endocrine tumors have continued to undergo revision and refinement. I'm the voice. You know the one always questioning, questioning, questioning everything you do everything you think and I am every single staring eye that watches you so now that we've become acquainted, what are you gonna do about it? I'm just a voice. A voice in the wilderness. And you like a pack of baying wolves descend on me because you can't stand facing what it is you are and what you've made. You've got nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing, no brains, no power, no future, No hope no. God! The only thing you believe in is me. This is brian fay. Thanks for listening.