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This narration was created for an animated video to teach teams how to incorporate energizers and activities into their agile ceremonies.

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Agile ceremonies, empower your teams and help them move forward. Creating higher engagement within your agile ceremonies, helps build trust, camaraderie and transparency, leading to better performance, stay tuned to see what activities and tips you can bring back to your teams to keep your agile ceremonies effective and engaging increment by one. This quick and fun energizer is guaranteed to generate laughs and get your team talking with not over each other in this activity. The goal is to have one team member start by saying the number one, another team member says two, then three and so on until each team member has spoken a number. The key is that team members cannot speak at the same time or repeat the same number or your team starts over at one. The team cannot gesture or chat to indicate who should go next, creating cultural alignment. The best processes in the world won't deliver what you need. If you don't have the culture to support them, agile ceremonies need to be supported by a culture where people are actively engaged, confident to raise issues and value continuous improvement, draw your feelings. Some things are better left drawn than said this simple check in technique helps create visibility into how the team is feeling and can shift challenging communications into collaborative conversations. To start ask your team members to grab a piece of paper and something to write with remote teams can also use a virtual board like web whiteboard dot com. Ask participants to draw something that expresses their feelings in the context of that meeting. Consider asking the team to draw something in a specific category such as draw an animal, bring sticky notes to a common area. If not already in a shared space. Team members can then choose to say something about their drawings. Consider playing music as team members fill up the retro board and give their up votes. This can be a great mood booster or conversation starter note to self meetings can end without clear. Next steps, this checkout activity helps your team members reflect on personal thoughts and goals. After those types of meetings start by asking participants to take a moment to reflect upon the discussion that just ended. Request each person write a note to self about something they'd like to achieve or remember and place it on their laptop as a reminder for the future. Though simple self reflection can help you grow and gain perspective as you move forward, engage with your team today and build a stronger sense of teamwork, collaboration and trust.