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please take small Children by the hand and look down as you step onto the moving platform. The platform is moving at the same speed as your time machine vehicle. Your time machine doors were closed automatically. Please keep your hands and arms inside your time machine vehicle and remain seated throughout your journey. AT and T welcomes you aboard Spaceship Earth Journey with us now to the dawn of recorded time as we explore the amazing story of human communication. Listen, your period comes every month, but it changes every day. That's why I always design new multi packs, three levels of protection in one smart box. So no matter what, you've got the right protection always multi packs. My child has quite an imagination. His teachers say that someday he'll be doing great things. Right now. He's already an architect, a designer and engineer. I think he's a creative genius. And thanks to Legos, the creative building toy, there's just no limit to what he can do. Legos, the creative diversion that helps develop a child's potential. Junie B. First Grader at Last By Barbara Park I rolled my eyes at the ceiling. What kind of an old friend looks like a dumb notebook, I said. **** said May again, you shouldn't talk while the teacher is talking Judy Jones. I look at her real annoyed. B. I said, My name is Junie B. I think I've mentioned that to you before May, I leaned closer to her face. B B B B, I said. After that, I slumped in my seat and I put my head on my desk. Become a Jedi, my master, without ever leaving home in the Jedi arena, Perfecting the skills needed to become a Jedi master takes concentration and practice. Use your lightsaber to direct the attack of the whirling Seeker. But stay alert. Play the Star Wars Jedi arena, home video, game alone or head to head. The challenge awaits you.