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over 600 million chickens are slaughtered in Australia every year. That's over 24 times the number of humans in Australia. Chickens are intelligent animals. They can count to five and learn faster than human toddlers. They're very sociable and have a pecking order in a natural environment. They prefer to live in small flocks and sleep in tree branches, perch on bushes, forage for insects, magnus ts, bathe in dust and do all the things that chickens enjoy doing in intensive farming systems. Most meat chickens live out their lives in windowless sheds until they're taken to the slaughterhouse. The stocking density within these sheds is high, with typical sheds housing approximately 40,000 chickens in a space only slightly larger than five basketball courts. This can cause suffering in stress as it's harder for them to express their natural behaviour due to selective breeding and feed, they grow in a very fast rate. They can grow from chick to slaughter age in just 35 days, a much shorter life span than the at least seven year life span of their relations in the wild. It could be difficult for the young bodies to support this sudden weight game. Fast growth makes the process quicker and more profitable. Some chickens a farm differently in free range organic systems. However, they can still be welfare issues in these farms as well. Like all sentiment animals, chickens deserve to be treated with respect and compassion and live free from suffering.