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Francesca finds her father written by Kellyanne. Prissy, No, illustrated by Ross Web. Francesca's mother never talked about Dad. There weren't any pictures of him around the house. There were no fond memories to treasure, and if he stood right in front of her, Francesca would not recognise him. Still, Francesca often wondered about her father. Was he tall and strong? Like Grandpa? She would ask. But Mom never gave much to go. By one afternoon, Francesca's friend invited her to the park to play ball. My dad's taking me to the park. Would you like to come off Francesca's friend? Certainly, Francesca said with a grin. She was eager to join them because she figured this would be the perfect opportunity to find a father just like her friends. When they got to the park, Francesca looked around and saw plenty of fathers. There were fathers playing tennis on father's, pushing their Children on the swings. Fathers were absolutely everywhere. But much to her disappointment, Francesca's father was not there. She realised that all the fathers had already had their own Children to play with, so Francesca decided to search elsewhere