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London Teenager-sassy, fast talking, intelligent testimonial. Informative, technical, upbeat, attitude, straight-talking.

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wall walls. Oh, all right. Um, yeah. Okay. He goes right to grow food. You need fresh water. Thing is, there's not enough. Not now and definitely no in the future. That's what the scientists say anyway, which is hard to get your head around here, because if you cheque out the map of the world, it's mostly blue. Right to first of the planet is covered in water. We're surrounded by it. So how can we run out of it? Falls out of the sky. But yet, but here's the tricky bit. Yeah, If you divide the blue by 1000 you get 0 00.1% on at the moment. That's our entire supply of fresh water, nor point not, nor 1% because it's either hidden underground or trapped in like a huge iceberg icebergs, and you know it's impossible to get to. I also believe there are no experts saver. In 2050 there'll be 9.7 billion others right now with 6.9. That's one, too. It's a big jump here. So where's the water going to come from? To grow food to feed all those people I'm like, Yeah, you've seen the news yet. Droughts, floods, climate change. Is it going to get that are off? Think and people are dying, Aren't they right now because they can't get to clean water, food, the basics. And if you're thinking, Yeah, but that's like in hot countries. No here. Or guess while we get half our food from other countries. So in future, when they can't get enough water to grow food to feed themselves, well, they won't give it to ours. Well, they will be like giving your food and they'll be like, Yeah, get lost. And I haven't even mentioned how much water we use every day just to feed ourselves 27 bathtubs per person per day. And that's if you don't eat chocolate because a bar of chocolate as 13 Tubbs seek