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this is mainly to show a little of what I can do as a basic premise

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okay. Still not entirely ready for this, but this is my voice real to try and show my trench. Yeah, I can't speak and just roll with it to try and show my range between a really low voice and a really high voice. Well, as high as I can get it, my range would probably I would have to guess. Be mid to low range. Sorry if you can hear scraping on the microphone. I'm trying to work on the acoustics. I don't know exactly how to record a voice, Riel. I'm currently just trying my best seeing what works. What doesn't I do? Have a slight dream to try and become a to try and become a voice actor. To be honest, though, I don't know exactly how to show my range. I could go ahead and try and just keep trying with each one. Here's hoping that it will ah, help show my actual range a little bit. Uh, I I'm really hoping to try and voice any character that I can see my favor. Although what I am really hoping for is a villain. Hey, I always wanted to do the villain because that they get the best lines in the entire movie. Some of the most quotable lines come from the villains. Just like Van knows I am inevitable. But yeah, but I am up for any part that I that you were willing to give It doesn't matter what part I get. I just would love to be able to help out with a passion project of voicing a character that needs a voice. That is something that is, It just can't be matched, helping to get a character off the ground. A voice will tell you a lot about a character. Thank you for the opportunity.