Great lion & small mouse



Children's story

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Child (5-12)


North American (Canadian-General)


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There was a great lion sleeping in his house. A little mouse crept into the lion's house and started playing and running and bothering the lion until he caused the line to wake up from his sleep. While he was angry and roaring from the intensity of his anger to the point that he put his hand on the little mouse and wanted to eat it in 12. But, but the mouse starts crying and asking for forgiveness and permission from the lion. And the mouse's voice was full of fear and anxiety that the lion will deliver him. The mouse said, please king of the jungle, believe me. And I promise never to do it again. Please leave me and I will help you one day. The lion loved and said, I, I did not know how you will help me a little mouse, but I will forgive you. Days passed. And the mouse was able to return the favor to the lion when he and his family found captives to some hunters who tied them in a tree with Rob's under. The car was brought to take them to another place. At that time. The mouse hurry of Lee nailed at the Rob's until free the lion and his family, the lion loved and said, yes, you helped me a little bombs. And I thought you wouldn't be able to help me because of your small size and my big size. Thank you.