Some of Antar bin Shaddad's poetry from the pre-Islamic Arab poets



In Arabic literature, poetry in the pre-Islamic era is considered one of the strongest and most beautiful poetry despite its strangeness. At that time, poets used to write poems about love and usually describe the eyes of their beloved or scenes from seeing her on the roads of the tribe.

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Poetry in the Pre Islamic era is the poetry that was one of the oldest Arabic poems. The Eyelids of Virgins is one of the part of the Pre Islamic era. Antal been Sadat was famous for his extreme orient poetry and his intense and chaste love for a girl named Abdulla. Among his poems about love. If I step away, the humiliation of the brave and circuits become alcaraz with an overflow of tears, then God will give my ankle a mouthful of death from the hand of death at his hands will be Bali's after the amputation of the fingers.