Alienkind, deutsches Buch im Genre Fantasy


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Hello to all authors, my name is Christine and I am an audio book narrator. I have my own studio and I guarantee recordings of a professional quality.

I deliver quickly and accurately and I listen carefully to my clients' wishes.

My genres are: Fantasy, dark fantasy, youth and children's books, non-fiction, love stories, historical novels.

I do not read erotica, sex books and glorification of violence.

All my recordings are ACX checked and are recorded in the formatting you want! (mp3, wav, mono or stereo)

Feel free to write to me for more information about royalty share. This would then be a free option for you to market your audio book.

If I have aroused your interest, please write to me.

Best regards,


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Number of Words Up to 10000
Delivery Days 14 Days
Number of Revisions 2
Non-Broadcast License
High Quality Audio File
Split Files (Up to 10)

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