Young Adult 1st Person Male/Female Audiobook



Showcases first person audio narration of YA novel from both a male and female perspective.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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I closed the book as a wave of exhaustion hits me. I don't know, I admit, stretching and turning toward a row of tiny windows on the far wall that sends squares of sunlight across the hardwood floor. When do we have to be at work again? Azra glances and his phone in about an hour. Should we stop by Mia's and see if she's working today? She's not, Ezra says. Should we stop by Mia's and see if she's working? Today? I repeat, Azra blinks and confusion, then shakes his head like he's just waking up. Oh, sorry. Are you suggesting a reconnaissance mission? I wouldn't mind meeting the mysterious Daisy. I tell him. Roger that. Ezra says he gestures in the stack of yearbooks between us. Are you gonna check any of these out? No, I'm just hang on. I pull out my phone and snap a few photos of the yearbook pictures we've just been looking at as their watches me with, um, amused expression. What are you gonna do with those? He asks documenting a research. I say. I don't know if this morning will turn out to be worth anything, but at least it feels productive. When I finish, we each taken armful of your books and return them to the reference section. I throw our empty coffee cups into the recycling bin, which makes a much louder noise than I expected. The sleeping librarian startles and blinks it us with watery, unfocused eyes as we pass her desk. E help Yu Shi on's feeling around for the glasses looped on a chain around her neck. No thanks. All set, I say, nudging Ezra to walk faster so we can exit before she recognizes us. And we have to spend 15 minutes making polite conversation about California. We pushed through the library's front door into bright sunshine and descend wide steps to the sidewalk.