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Animation Reel recorded in home studio.

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rainbow unicorns unite. Yeah. Now who's ready to kick some rainbow? But sparkles bubblegum. Let's do this. Dude, I already told you I'm not letting you copy my mouth homework anymore. You failed the last practice exam and I will not be but a mere cog in your machine of stupidity. 80 bucks. Okay then now we're speaking my language Here it is. Give it back to me by 12 Daddy. Hello? Why aren't you listening to me? I just have to say, I do not appreciate when you don't give me your full attention. I am your only child. It is literally your job. What do you mean? What about my brother Kip doesn't even count. He's only 12. So he's like half a person. But really daddy, I must know. Can you get me these super amazing leather loafers. They'll look incredible with my complexion. I am Queen Agatha, Princess of earth and of water. You do as I say as I control when and where the lightning strikes. Do not disobey me. I was just five years old when the government came knocking at our door. They wanted my brother to enlist. He was only 10. When my parents refused, they arrested them and took my brother. That was the last time I saw my family. We all have stories of what the government has done to us. That's why we're going to take the fight to them together. Mhm