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my neighbor's lawn looks so plush green full of dark Pakistan looks barren that on health Wait, I see what they're doing. There's Franklin Farmer, John's Weed and Feed. Are you tired of going to large electronics stores? That should have everything you're looking for. But you find yourself waiting forever for customer service than come to Andy's Audio Center. We may not be as large as some other stores, but we're huge when it comes to customer service finished. I like being handy around the house and figuring out how to handle the new project. When it comes to electricity, though, there are no safe ways to learn from your mistakes. So I call the professionals that Mueller and sons electrical. Every motorist has a responsibility to be a safe driver. Please drive carefully. This message brought to you by the National Safety Association. I don't need to know exactly where the mosquitoes bit you. Yes, I'm sure most people do wonder how you were bitten there. If I may offer some advice when I try all day mosquito spray so we can make small talk about something else next time. Our biggest family problem was also our biggest family member. Duke was our great Dane the size of a pickup truck. The kids got him when he was a puppy, but he grew so quickly Way needed outdoor shelter for him fast. It's not easy to plan a vacation in the middle of winter. I stared my computer screen and try to figure out what I'll be in the mood for seven months from now. But if I want to travel the like can afford, it's my only option. This week, at Michael's cards and gifts, you'll find hundreds of bargains at our annual holiday sale. Take 50% off specially marked items and enter our chance to win a year's supply of cards and gift. Hi, I'm Calderon Bryson, and thanks for listening.