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In this sample there are clips from two audiobooks, a radio ad and sample video game/animation characters all written by me. Some of the music was also produced by me.

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Introduction. I'm writing this not just for your benefit, but for mine. And if I personally gave you this book, I probably saw that we have the same hustlers, ambition and some of the same goals. This is a collection of poems, raps words of wisdom and suggestions that have inspired me during my incarceration. And I hope it inspires whoever read. This anthology reflects some of the goals that I aspire to achieve some of the paths that I plan to take, to reach those goals and some basic instructions on pursuing those opportunities. This book also reflects the mistakes that have brought me down and some of the thinking patterns that I need to stay away from my hope is that you can use this book as a guide or motivation for alternative choices in life. If you're comfortable with your life in the streets, then this may not be the book for you but for anybody who knows that they are smarter than that read on. I understand if you don't plan on changing, but I will tell you this, the dope game is about to change for the worse. I'm not a psychic or a prophet but I can see that cash is going away, which is gonna make it easier for dope boys to go to prison. The drugs are getting stronger. The money is getting quicker and the time is getting longer because the crimes are getting sicker. How will you move? Work when they document every transaction and have cameras on your every move. The street life is designed to leave you under educated and unprepared for society so that you will be a more effective slave. We have to pursue some kind of higher understanding and a higher education. I say we a lot because my goal is to build a network of like minded people who want to connect for a common cause. If you are with me, we will build an international network of ex hustlers that own businesses, stocks commodities, real estates, intellectual property and anything else that we can better our lives and our communities with, we will build each other up and our rule will be no one lets another fall while they're still trying to climb. This is what I'll be spending the rest of my life building. And if you want to participate, then you can join me.