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Welcome to our training program. Secure I. T. Security is an information technology specific sales course created to help you meet and secure new clients giving you selling strategies right across the sales cycle. As you move through each video module, you'll understand best practice for relationship management, selling I. T. Specific products, identifying Upsell opportunities seem level objection handling and selling professional services and consultancy. Please complete the first two modules prospect which covers our baseline for initiating contact and self assess which is your own self assessment on your sales skills. Follow the security sales modules chosen for you and watch your sales performance grow. Global is an exciting and speedy way to communicate with meeting planners using industry leading technology that offers the customer a thorough insight into our venues. The customer receives a link to an exclusive website which takes them first to a personalized welcome letter introducing them to their sales contact and engaging them with the hotel and the brand and you can manage communication with the customer through an easy response mechanism. E. Global increases the speed and attractiveness of our responses while keeping them highly personal to our customers. After talking it over with the specialist tom decided that he wanted to join the medical research trial. After signing a special document called an informed consent form to show that he agreed to take part, his doctor took a sample of his tumor called a biopsy to make sure that he had the specific mutation he did. And so he was asked to attend a screening visit to check that he was fully eligible. The study team did this by asking questions about his medical history and the medications he'd taken in the past. Tom now visits the study clinic around once a month to have similar assessments. As time goes on, these visits will become further apart, and eventually, he'll only visit once every three months. And when he stops taking the trial medication, his health will be monitored every six months.