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Hi, I'm Kam Dexter and I'm a true crime podcaster. They also classify him again as a blitz or a spree killer and this type of killer again, Ash with what we were talking about. Like this is somebody who's willing to take extreme risks shooting out of your own car in broad daylight walking into somebody's home because it's unlocked. I mean it's unfathomable and it's the kind of impulsive, disorganized crime that's extremely dangerous and their savage right. He could strike at any time. This is the exact opposite of somebody like a B. T. K or john Wayne Gacy who we know took extreme care to think about their crimes. Obsess about their crimes right about them before stakeout homes and you know, get every detail correct. We know john Wayne Gacy had ploys with the boys, you know, he would play those games with them, but all very well thought out because of what the Endgame was today. We're talking about one of my favorite topics. Ancient Egypt even at a young age, I was fascinated with the culture, the mummification, the canopic jars, the mysterious ceremonies surrounding death and for those wealthy enough to afford it. The elaborate tombs they erected the sarcophagi in hopes of achieving everlasting life after death. Today I'm talking about the curse of the pharaohs were going to take a deep dive into King tuts, war trumpets. Now, these are the oldest ancient playable trumpets on earth and each time they've been played a deadly conflict has broken out somewhere around the globe and to understand the significance of the trumpets, we have to talk about the excavation of the tomb. We need to look at who, howard carter was and that will bring us closer to understanding the legend of the curse.