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fetus, coptic and aluminum tracheal occlusion. Fitow has been associated with increased postnatal survival among infants with severe pulmonary hyperplasia In a trial involving fetuses with moderate left congenital diaphragmatic hernia fetus, coptic and aluminum tracheal occlusion. At 32 32 weeks of gestation did not significantly increased survival to discharge and increase the risks of preterm pre labor rupture of membranes and preterm birth add Alexian. People living with rare and devastating diseases are our guiding star. We believe it is our responsibility to listen to and change the lives of patients and those who worked tirelessly to help them. Which is why we've delivered five transformative medicines for people with seven different rare diseases and devastating conditions through four durable and growing franchises in over 50 countries. Pain relief has never been easier. Thanks to Vireo health new york medical marijuana delivery service. We understand that cannabis based products can be a vital part of treating chronic pain, cancer, AIDS, epilepsy and other serious conditions. Our delivery service was designed by a team of security experts to provide patients with a safe, secure and convenient way to purchase medical marijuana products and have them delivered to their doorstep sarah. This is called an Amsler grid. I want you to take a look at the lines of the grid and then let me know if any, do not appear straight and parallel or if there are any missing areas. Um, lines in the center are kind of blurry. That's what I suspected. Sarah. I believe you have what's called macular degeneration. I'd like to do some more tests to determine how far it's progressed and then we can speak more about how to address it. Welcome to the Herman Ostro School of Dentistry Training for clinical dental assistance. In this course you will learn the progression of dental disease and preventive techniques, sterilization and disinfection techniques and infection prevention, how to complete patient charting and take vital signs. Yeah.