Interactive Demo



Recorded in my home studio.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


Caribbean (General) North American (General) Trans-Atlantic


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Knox. Come in. What have we got on The scanners? Lock down the base camp, engage our auxiliary engines, deploy The Shield Gods! Protect us! You want a piece of me. Fine, Let's go. Come on. Let's finish this! Get out of my way. Custom! We pride ourselves on that, don't we? Doing everything according to tradition just as our forefathers did. Good job BenThe security team's radar cover doesn't reach where you have landed. Ben I need you to plant transmission device on the communications antenna ahead. Then I can hack into Zaphire’s security grid. Thanks to double H’s photographs, we have been able to identify the mysterious black boxes. They are on board the cruisers that dock at the factory, A new enemy came upon us, raining fire from the sky. The reign of chaos has come at last as we stand on the brink of destruction. Where are you? come now. Don't be shy, step into the light.