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An Excerpt from Stanley the Stalwart Dragon by Trisha Sugarek narrated and produced by me, Carin Gilfry. I have narrated and produced over 50 audiobooks, and would love to work with you.

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the next day, everyone was in the forest clearing to see the dragon. Once again, stare was in his tree. The younger fairies were playing and dancing. Donald and Stanley were playing checkers. Persnickety was sitting with Thomas, listening to one of his seafaring tales in a rush. Cheats flew out of the forest. An elf dust fell down on everyone. He was in a great hurry and missing his landing. He tipped over the checkers board. Cheats! You've ruined our game! Cried Donald. Better hide. Stanley Slick is back in the forest, and he's headed this way. Still, the grog, said Thomas, are Raven has perched on the mitten mast. Batten down the hatches! You there! So Bobby Mann, the Forssell Stanley. You'd better hide in the forest until we see what slick wants, said Donald. Why do I have to hide? Who? Slick? Yes, Woody. He's just some old crow that old crows cities like the third and he'd sell your grandmother for a nickel, said Donald. Why, I asked Stanley, who would want to buy my grandmother. He's worse luck than having a lady aboard my ship. Slicks. Not such a bad egg. I'm not afraid of a little bird, bragged Stanley, We're not afraid. Better safe than sorry, Persnickety Stanley, Please go into the forest and wait until I call you. Okay, stew yourself in the hold until the Squall Blues over stars, Pirates or boot. I'll stay here, Stanley. And then I'll come and get you when it's safe. But Nick A T I don't want to hide. It's humiliating. Go on now, Stanley, it's just for a little while. Reluctantly, Stanley walked into the forest. After all, his new friends seem to know what was best out of the trees on the other side of the clearing sauntered of rave in. He was dressed in all black, except for a white and black diamond patterned vest. He wore a black Derby hat. He carried a cane, and when he spoke, he twirled it. Slick spoke fast and loud, like a used car salesman or a circus barker slicks. The name sales is my game. Step right up, folks. It's showtime. You want it? I can get it. Very dust. Snake oil, beetle toes. I of the Newt Bee pollen moonbeams that hair magic potions from the Far East. Raz um attack as slick did a little dance step. Come one, come all. Tell me your fondest wish. Your wife's fat. I can make a thin. Your mother in law is a troll. I can sweeten her up. Slick pulled a small brown bottle out of his pocket. He tapped the side with his finger and grinned at everyone. Is your hair falling out? Boys? He asked. I can make it grow. You want him toe Love you girls. Try my doctor Slicks. Love potion kills Hey, Loss Warts. Lonely, hot and bad breath. I know someone who could use that. Not now. Cheats whisper Donald, Donald and cheats walked over to Slick. Hi, Slick. Where have you been? We haven't seen you for a long time. Guess what? Week. Not now. Cheats. Donald poked him in the ribs. Remember who we don't know anything about. Oh, yeah. Donald Mo Main man. What can your buddy Slick do you for? I just blue back in the town. Well, in this case, the burbs. You should come with me, Donald. See the city lights. You'd love it. Oh, boy. City lights. Can I come? Teoh? Certainly the more than Marea the rooms in town would pay good money to see your AEA's cheats. They void. What are rubes? Thanks anyway, said Donald. Were happy right here at home.