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A quick selection Verizon, Subaru, The Farmer's Dog, Apple, L.L. Bean, The Nature Conservancy.

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North American (General)


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here at Verizon, we don't like to brag but we're pretty smart. That's why we're giving away a free five G. Phone to everyone. There's so much you can do with the new Subaru cross track. That the hardest part is figuring out what to do first adventure. Another reason why it's easy to love a Subaru. If I check the labels on everything I put in my body, I should do the same thing for my dog. That's why I got her the farmer's dog. What if instead of giving away all your data to every app website and service provider you chose like not to do that privacy. That's iphone. This is where the best memories are created, where the best marshmallows are toasted. Where the best games of hide and seek take place. Be an outsider. L. L. Bean. When future generations look back, what will they think of us? Will they thank us for preserving the wild or will they shake their heads because we let it slip away?