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Voice Assistant Demo: English, articulate, professional, friendly

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Hey there. It's good to hear from you again. Ready to order. Please choose one of the following meals. The chicken meal, the vegetarian meal, the gluten free meal. Okay thanks for choosing the chicken meal. Please let me know which serving option you would like from the following list. Welcome to stadium search your destination for last minute tickets in your backyard. Would you like to know what games are happening nearest you tonight? Perfect. There are three different games happening tonight within a 100 mile radius of your current location. We'll list them from closest to you, two farthest away. The Tigers are taking on the socks at the Detroit Bank field in three hours to get to the active program or window, ensure that you maximize your viewfinder. You can find this over near the icon where your I. P. Address is located. Once you navigate to your active program, ensure that you are logged into the main console, you can now book your appointments online through the clinic cares website in just three easy steps. First create your patient profile. Next select your doctor's name from the dropdown list. Once you select your doctor, the final step is to select the date and time you want and voila, you're ready to see your doctor