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Voice Over • Video Narration


A variety of pieces-honest, believable, easy-to-relate to.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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hero can be anyone who inspires you. Anyone you look up to, anyone who cheers you on makes you better than you were before. Justus. They made themselves better than they were before. Ben and Jerry's organic ice cream is loaded with all the stuff you love, and then some there, cultivated an environmentally sustainable is in cooperation with nature. Hello, I Amanda. Hey, I noticed you were looking at that cupcake. Who is this? It's me. I mean you. You know your conscience, not you again. How did you get this number? Honey, I've had your number for a long time. The Colorado River is still patiently carving the Grand Canyon. There's something to be learned there. Take your time. Breathe deeply, enjoy the view. Get outside yourself. Sounds just like my berry. We were eating lobster. But instead of using The Nutcracker to crack the lobster's claw, Mr Butterfingers cracked his own thumb. Last year's vacation. My husband's a riel trendsetter, and don't buy fur coats of fur trim. No matter how you look at it first and cool, it's cruel. The fund for Animals we speak for those who can't