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Voice Over • Animation


Wry Humor, Adult Animation, Children, Fantasy, Action, Noire, Stylized, Military, Shtick, Comedy, Dramatic, News Reporter, Announcer, Singing

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North American, Russian


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Ladies and gentlemen, I haven't been able to see today's in flight movie. Uh Mortal carnage three yet. So no spoilers or help me God, I will take this bird straight into the ocean. Wait, did I sleep through supper? I'm starving. Can we stop for snow cones? Your magic won't work this time. Cersei we eritreans are strong. We'll just keep coming back and we'll keep fighting. I could take you to the underground, but that would mean betraying my friends, my home planet and my honor. So, how much you got? This is a fight. We cannot win. It's time. We resort to operation tiny car. Sergeant bailey, send in the clowns and pray. No, captain. My name isn't. Lando. I'm saying Land ho! No! I said land ho! All ashore. That's going ashore, Freezing temperatures. Communication lines down possible homelessness. Is it a winter crisis or my crumbling relationship, decide for yourself more. At 11. What are you talking about? I live here. What are you looking at? You? Taylor's ape. Alright, Maybe another cocktail before I fling my poo at you. That's our show for tonight. Now, **** a doodle! Come back real soon. Don't forget to tip your waitresses, but not too hard. There are cows after all. Thank you. Goodnight.