Tony Hillerman Audiobook Excerpt



Storytelling with a slight Texas twang, thanks to my Hill Country family ties.

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Senior (55+)


North American (General)


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luis horseman leaned the flat stone very carefully against the pinion. Twig adjusted its balance exactly, and then cautiously withdrew his hand. A twig bent but held horseman rocked back on his heels and surveyed the deadfall. He should have put a little more blood on the twig, he thought, but it might be enough. He had placed this one just right with the twig at the very edge of the kangaroo rat's tail at least nibble, and the stone would fall. He reached into his shirt front, pulled out a leather pouch, extracted an odd shaped lump of turquoise, and placed it on the ground in front of him. Then he started to chant the sky. It talks about it. The Talking God! one, he tells about it, The darkness, to be, one knows about it. The talking God is with me.